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29 de October de 2021AGM Shop Fitting Manufacturer is an industrial company based in Madrid with a strong international presence. Specialised in the design and production of furniture and merchandising solutions, 60% of its business is focused on the foreign market. In order to harmonise its divisions, to continue with its international growth plan and to update its technology and position itself as a leader, the company has entrusted abas ERP solutions.

Unify for further growth
After more than 10 years designing and producing furniture and merchandising solutions for department stores, showrooms and specialised distributors, AGM Shop Fitting Manufacturer has established itself as a pool of professionals. It is distinguished by its ability to take a project from its concept phase to its realisation, with a high level of specialisation and customisation.

As it is not easy to remain at the top, the company has decided to implement abas ERP to offer modern tools for decision-making and at the same time to trace all the processes that the produced furniture goes through. Thus integrating all its departments from the design phase to the implementation phase. It is very important to the company that all internal and external stakeholders are connected and excellently supported. For this reason, the company not only chose abas ERP software to connect its processes, but also to ensure that employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders and users communicate as a single department.

"After analysing the different options on the market, we felt that by relying on ABAS Ibérica we will be able to achieve the level of departmental and sector interconnection we need to keep growing." Erick Magnier, Managing Director of AGM Shop Fitting Manufacturer.

Before implementing, build a solid basis
This was one of the phrases that could sum up the start of this new partnership between AGM Shop Fitting Manufacturer and ABAS Ibérica. The company, which previously relied on other software, realised that they needed to update it and adapt it to their modus operandi. But first, they needed a basis to interconnect their industrial processes.

The first step was to define, together with the ABAS Ibérica team of consultants, which parameters of the software services were necessary to implement. Production Control, Information and Department Integration, which allows them to interconnect the plant and between areas; Subcontracting Management, which links the company with the supplier; and Project Profitability, which allows them to forecast productivity thanks to an in-depth analysis of costs and income. Finally, in the second step marked by the start-up of abas ERP, the company will stop working on paper, in order to have all the parameters traced and monitored online.

"We have been working to establish a basis on which we can work with abas ERP services. Together we developed a management and production plan so that all industrial processes could be controlled and monitored". Sara Serna, Sales Representative - ABAS Ibérica

Recognised expertise in the industrial sector
According to AGM Shop Fitting Manufacturer, the recognised experience in the industrial sector was one of the reasons why they chose abas ERP. Finally, through industry references, they found the ERP that best suited their needs. Moreover, it was trust and proximity that determined the decision to choose ABAS Ibérica as their new technology partner.

"The level of specialisation of the ERP in the industrial sector and the confidence that the team of consultants transmitted to us was the key to our decision to work with ABAS Ibérica". María José Martí, Key Account Manager at AGM Shop Fitting Manufacturer.




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