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09 de June de 2022

Vario-X, winner of the award for Best Equipment and System for the Factory of the Future at Advanced Factories, together with the new IO-Link Pro masters and hubs with multiple options per port, the solutions for vision installation and the Xelity 10 manageable switch (data communication up to 1 Gigabit) are the innovations that Murrelektronik will present at BIEMH (stand G20 hall 6).

Vario-X: The days of the control cabinet are over

Vario-X is the world's first fully decentralised modular automation platform. It can be configured according to the specific requirements of each system and brings all automation components directly to where they are needed. Vario-X consists of robust modules in IP65-protected housings that are simply snapped together on a robust base plate with integrated machine design profiles. The sensors and actuators are wired to the machine using pre-assembled M12 and MQ15 connectors. The system consists of a controller, power supply, switches, safety technology and IO modules and, thanks to the seamless integration of decentralised distributed servo drives, ensures reliable management of voltage, signals and data directly in the field. For the first time, all automation functions can be implemented completely decentralised, without the need for a control cabinet.

IO-Link Pro masters and hubs - multiple options per port

Murrelektronik is expanding its product portfolio with the IP67-rated MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro fieldbus modules. These robust modules provide on-board diagnostics and have an output current of 4A per port. They are available in all common protocols and can also be used independently of the fieldbus. The new modules offer eight class A/B multifunctional master ports, two L-coded M12 ports for supplying up to 16 A of power, and are available for PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT. Fieldbus-independent use is possible via OPC UA, MQTT, JSON REST API, thanks to the integrated standardised master interface (SMI). Ultimately, these devices reduce costs and increase productivity, while offering new service and maintenance options. Installation and commissioning times are reduced, as these modules can replace complex, space-consuming wired control cabinets.

Vision: Installation solutions and applications

Murrelektronik's modular vision installation solutions make it possible to integrate a decentralised installation concept into existing system architectures as well as into new machines and systems. Decentralised installation of Ethernet, power and IoT significantly reduces the planning and installation effort, as control cabinets can be smaller and wiring routes are shortened. These solutions include the Xelity hybrid switch (with connections for up to four cameras and providing smooth and error-free data communication), the Master Breakout Box (power and signal distributor) and the Injection Box (power and signal feeder). Each is designed to be mounted directly in the machine environment, close to the respective vision system, which saves a great deal of time and costly control cabinet installations.
Xelity 10 Managed Switch: Data communication up to 1 Gigabit
The Xelity 10 managed switch from Murrelektronik ensures smooth and efficient data communication and is available in three versions: a 10-port D-coded model for 100 Mb, a second model with 8 D-coded 100 Mbi ports plus two X-coded 1 Gigabit ports and finally the model with 10 X-coded 1 Gigabit ports. On these three models there are options with standard management or PROFINET management, as well as power supply through 1 M12 port cod. L of 4 or 5 poles. The Xelity managed switches are protected by IP67-protected, vibration and shock-resistant metal housings. They are powered via L-coded M12 ports that can be daisy-chained to other nearby switches or modules. Developed and manufactured in Germany, the Xelity® switch series are truly economical, efficient and reliable.




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