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11 de November de 2021

The newly updated and expanded Automation Center in Barcelona, Spain, enables OMRON’s customers across EMEA to trulyexperience the benefits of a connected, automated and intelligent factory.A team of more than 20 highly skilled engineers collaborates with OMRON Automation Centers across the world to explore the use of new technologies, such AI and industrial IoT, to develop solutions tailored to customer needs. The team can demonstrate the full capabilities of OMRON’s innovative applications on site or via a remote connection. The facility boasts over 800 square meters of floor space, only 20 minutes from Barcelona International Airport.

Antoni Farràs, General Manager at the OMRON Automation Center Barcelona, comments: “We aim to inspire manufacturers, system integrators and machine builders to adapt their business to meet the changing needs of customers and society. Farràs continues: “Our goal is to help them realize the possibilities of innovative manufacturing. For example, to address current challenges by creating new solutions to respond to and recover from the global pandemic.”

The updated facility reinforces OMRON’s reputation as the thought leader in factory automation technology designed to solve social issues, improve lives and contribute to a better society. With the help of the Automation Center, OMRON turns automation concepts into real-life innovate applications. The facilities are designed to present the full capabilities of OMRON’s innovative-Automation! concept of integrated, interactive, and intelligent solutions, including its comprehensive portfolio of control, motion, vision, safety, and robotics technologies combined with global engineering and services capabilities.

“We are very proud of the new design and the captivating customer experience we can now offer, showcasing our capabilities as an innovative partner in manufacturing.” Farràs concludes.

The innovative automation applications shown at the Automation Center lead the way to the factory of the future. Here are seven examples of the demonstrations.

  1. How to master the future of multi-product production and gain flexibility with integrated control: Experience an integrated solution with all-in-one control of robotics, motion, safety, machine vision and artificial intelligence to achieve flexible manufacturing with scalable and modular autonomous and collaborative production.
  2. How to replicate human senses and automate manual processes with AI sensory inspection: Intelligent AI algorithms implemented in OMRON’s vision and quality control system help to automate tasks previously only possible with humans, by using sensing and control technology that can flexibly respond to state changes of parts.
  3. How to implement flexible and efficient bin picking: See how a solution with 3D vision and collaborative integrated robotics work together to realize bin picking applications.
  4. How to automate machine tending with optimized safety:This demonstration shows the safe automation of parts supply and removal, without fencing or remodelling of machine tools, with the support of a collaborative robot.
  5. How to achieve true human-machine collaboration on a cell production line: The intelligent cell production line demonstrates robots and humans working together in harmony, as an interactive solution. Operator tasks and processes are visualized to enable autonomous process improvement and defect-free production.
  6. How to control accelerated liquid transport with vibration suppression technology: Vibration suppression provides high-speed product handling by suppressing multiple resonance frequencies. This solution will suppress liquid surface sloping and sloshing enabling faster product transport.
  7. How to improve processes and control due to high-speed and high-precision alignment with visual feedback: Ensure optimal operation despite belt and chain stretching, chuck misalignment, and workpiece deformation without machine adjustments.




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